• May 21, 2024

Forum on Nicotine to Convene in Liverpool

 Forum on Nicotine to Convene in Liverpool
Photo: alpegor

KAC Communications will be hosting the Eighth Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) from June 17–18 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool, U.K. With its theme “The future for nicotine,” the GFN tackles the challenges and controversies, as well as the significant potential, of safer nicotine products. Participants can choose whether to attend in person or online. In-person registration costs £60 ($84.23) for two days, and online registration is free. 

A new GFN∙TV online platform will stream broadcast footage of the conference free to viewers around the world, with a new commentary team offering their insights. 

The GFN will feature more than 30 speakers from diverse backgrounds, including consumers, advocates, policy experts, public health specialists and medical professionals. All sessions will be live, with speaker presentations available on the GFN website before the event.

“It’s a fallacy that tobacco control and harm reduction are irreconcilable as many believe—they’re complementary,” said Paddy Costall of KAC Communications. “While tobacco control has reduced smoking rates in many places, it’s got its limits. In the U.K. and elsewhere, it’s been shown that access to appropriately regulated safer nicotine products helps people stop smoking.

“At GFN, we offer an inclusive platform to discuss all aspects of nicotine use, and we believe it’s important that no one is excluded from the debate. With one billion smoking-related deaths predicted by the end of this century, it’s time for ideology to make way for pragmatism.”

For more information, visit https://gfn.events