TAAT Revenue Triples Over Previous Quarter

    Photo: Taat Global Alternatives

    Taat Global Alternatives reported revenue of CAD691,484 ($558,692) for the three months that ended on April 30. The figure was up more than 300 percent over the previous quarter, reflecting a faster-than-anticipated rollout and strong uptake of the company’s products at both the distributor and end customer levels.

    The company said it made several key accomplishments during the period, which was the first full quarter in which Taat was sold at retail. Highlights of the quarter included the launch of e-commerce to complement retail sales, the upgrade of its common shares to the OTCQX Best Market and the landing of its first major sporting event sponsorship.

    The company was also featured in Forbes during the quarter.

    Taat is now sold by more than 300 Ohio retailers, with new store placements in both Illinois and Georgia. The company also has international distribution relationships in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

    “I am pleased to say that the rollout of Taat is ahead of schedule as reflected in our second-quarter financial and operating performance,” said Setti Coscarella, Taat CEO, in a statement. “We generated outstanding quarter-over-quarter revenue growth, and we expect that the trend will remain highly positive in the quarters to come as customer awareness and demand steadily increase.”