PMI and TissUse to Conduct Joint Research


    Philip Morris International and TissUse have signed a collaboration agreement to utilize PMI’s InHALES technology in combination with TissUse’s proprietary multi-organ-chip (MOC) platform to enable inhalation exposure of functional human tissues in homeostasis at minute scale in vitro.

    The two partners will develop an integrated human aerosol test platform that emulates the entire human respiratory tract in terms of dimension and architecture. PMI has established a platform, InHALES, that matches the architecture and characteristics of the human respiratory tract.

    TissUse has established the widely used Humimic MOC platform, which enables functional human tissue response in vitro. A “plug-and-play” interface between the two technologies will allow physiologically relevant exposure to complex aerosols in the background of an in vivo-like organization and breathing performance of the human lungs.

    The novel integrated Humimic–InHALES test platform will allow acute and subchronic tests on lung models in combination with miniaturized human liver equivalents, enabling assessment of local effects on the biological barrier of lung epithelia, penetration of substances into blood circulation and eventual systemic effects.

    According to PMI, Humimic–InHALES will provide a highly predictive model for assessing respiratory toxicity and systemic human effects of inhaled aerosols and their constituents, such as environmental toxins, smoke particles, airborne pathogens and inhalable medications.

    “The agreement meets PMI’s ambitions to extend its competence in aerosol applications to the development of new methods for exploratory research and translational sciences, which will not only help advance the research and development of PMI products but also broadly support biomedical research beyond PMI’s core business,” said Julia Hoeng, global head of discovery at PMI, in a statement.

    “This agreement synergizes the complementary ideas, know-how and experience of both companies. We are very much looking forward to enhancing TissUse’s highly innovative product and assay portfolio through this collaboration,” said Reyk Horland, CEO of TissUse.