• May 26, 2024

Taat Expands Production/Warehousing

 Taat Expands Production/Warehousing
Photo: Taat Global Alternatives

Taat Global Alternatives has finalized a lease agreement for new facilities to expand the company’s manufacturing and warehousing capacities in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Combined with the company’s existing facility, the new facilities will considerably increase the company’s total operating space and can allow for the creation of new internal departments for purposes such as digital content production and event management.

With new U.S. launches of Taat in motion and fulfillment underway for the company’s first international order to a distributor in the United Kingdom, this facility expansion is a proactive effort to ensure the company has sufficient capacity to meet foreseeable demand. Over the past nine months, Taat has been placed in more than 300 U.S. retail stores, and cartons of Taat have been shipped to smokers aged 21 and up in 37 states through e-commerce sales.

Although its existing facility can produce enough base material for approximately 680,000 10-pack cartons of Taat per year, the company believes it to be prudent to increase this manufacturing bandwidth as product launches are occurring in new markets.

In the company’s new warehouse facility, it will be possible to store approximately 181,400 kg of the Beyond Tobacco base material (compared to approximately 68,000 kg at the current facility) after it is finished and awaiting shipment to a contract cigarette manufacturing partner. In addition to standard climate controls, this storage space also has humidity control functionality, which can be used to keep the base material fresh, thereby extending its shelf life.

To efficiently facilitate the fulfillment of direct-to-consumer e-commerce orders as well as wholesale purchase orders of finished Taat products, the fulfillment station at the company’s new warehouse will be over 200 percent larger than its current size in the existing facility. The new fulfillment station will also have four loading doors at “dock height,” which can reduce pickup and drop-off times for logistics providers. The company is also evaluating technologies and solutions that could further optimize in-house order fulfillment with this additional space.

“Expanding and upgrading the company’s operating facilities after barely three calendar quarters of selling Taat at retail is an excellent indicator of our progress in my opinion,” said Taat Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella in a statement.