Australian Patent for NGL’s Synthetic Nicotine

    Image: Zerbor

    Next Generation Labs has received an Australian patent for its innovative use of combinational ratios of synthetic R-isomer and S-isomer nicotine in tobacco cessation products.

    “This patent gives Next Generation Labs additional IP protection as the company pursues its international effort to encourage the adoption and use of novel synthetic combinational R-S isomer nicotine to assist consumers in their desire to break away from tobacco use and their long-term dependence to the reportedly highly addictive S-isomer nicotine,” the company wrote in a statement.

    Next Generation Labs started producing bulk synthetic nicotine in 2014 at a time when there was no commercial availability of isolated R-isomer and S-isomer nicotine. Given that both isomers can be produced in abundance by Next Generation Labs at relatively low cost, industry partners can now access separated isomers for commercialization into products that may aid cessation, enhance quit success rates and moderate overall tobacco use, according to the company.

    “Next Generation Labs believes future combinational R-[isomer] and S-isomer nicotine formulations may prove to be less addictive than natural or biosimilar standalone S-isomer nicotine and could potentially help achieve the broader public health goal of providing adult consumers with a satisfying, but nonaddictive form of nicotine to replace current products,” the company wrote. “These new variable isomeric ratios of synthetic nicotine products may ultimately assist adults in quitting or reducing their overall dependence on current tobacco, vape and nicotine products that deliver only the purported highly addictive ‘S’ form of nicotine.”

    The granting of the Australian TFN R-S nicotine cessation patent is in addition to existing Next Generation Labs patents that have been issued in China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Europe and the United States.