• September 25, 2023

KT&G Expanding in Europe and Central Asia

 KT&G Expanding in Europe and Central Asia
Photo: KT&G

KT&G launched lil Solid 2.0 in Armenia and Serbia in Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia in the second quarter of 2021, reports The Korea Times.  

Lil Solid 2.0 is available in two colors, stone gray and cosmic blue. KT&G will introduce seven types of tobacco sticks for use with the device, including Fiit Regular, Fiit Regular Sky and Fiit Crisp. Types may vary across markets, though.

“Our product, lil, is gaining popularity in the export markets thanks to our collaboration with Philip Morris International,” said Lim Wang-seop, head of KT&G’s NGP business division, during a conference call in February. “We originally set a goal of entering a single-digit number of countries this year, but we have changed it to the double digits.”