Ample Tobacco Seed in Zimbabwe

    Dahlia Garwe

    Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Research Board (TRB) has enough tobacco seed for the next five seasons and can supply some varieties for up to 10 years, reports The Herald. This requirement will assist the government’s program of raising tobacco production to 300 million kg annually by 2025 through the Tobacco Value Chain Transformation Strategy.

    “We have enough seed to cater for a minimum of five years after ripening,” said TRB Chief Executive Dahlia Garwe. “The seed that is aged is better than the fresh one. Our seed is stored under very specific conditions and can last up to 10 years or more. We have enough varieties in stock, such as the most popular KRK26, KRK66 and the new variety KRK76, which is already overtaking the popular ones. Even if we don’t produce seed for two years, we will not experience shortages. Farmers should not worry over deterioration. After ripening, testing facilities are in place.”