RELX Launches its Products in Saudi Arabia

    Photo: Mohammed

    RELX has launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The e-cigarette brand is already available in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait—and has further plans to expand into the wider Middle East and northern Africa (MENA) region this year.

    The Kingdom has announced new regulations, similar to those set across Europe, following the standard setup for e-cigarette packaging and labeling, which was introduced in September 2020.

    “The MENA region is one of our category’s fastest-growing markets, growing at a rate just short of 10 percent until 2024,” said Fouad Barakat, KSA general manager at RELX International, in a statement. “Saudi Arabia is one of the region’s largest and most prosperous markets, hence the need for any brand to launch there if it wants to thrive and grow bigger.”

    There are two products available: RELX Infinity and RELX Nano2.