• June 12, 2024

New Nicotine Pouch Hits Market

 New Nicotine Pouch Hits Market
Photo: V&YOU

V&YOU has launched a new Boost+ nicotine pouch that offers “a bold and bright burst of flavor balanced with a powerfully refreshing kick,” according to the company.

“We’re incredibly excited to share this product with our fans,” says V&YOU co-founder Markus Bonke. “Boost+ is simply one of the best nicotine pouches we’ve ever made. The flavor combos, the nicotine content and flavors—even the can itself has been improved to deliver the ultimate in consumer satisfaction, not to mention the first-ever child-safe packaging.”

“Our customers demanded a stronger nicotine pouch, and we’ve really delivered here,” says V&YOU co-founder Titus Wouda Kuipers. “With 15 mg of Swiss-made nicotine per pouch combined with our fantastic delivery system, this is for pure fans who love the nicotine sensation without the hang-ups of smoking, vaping or snus.” 

Boost+ comes in a professional looking can with a beautiful metallic finish that matches style with substance, according to V&YOU.