Taat Arrives in the United Kingdom

    Photo: TAAT Global Alternatives

    More than 43,000 packs of Taat Original, Smooth and Menthol products have arrived in the United Kingdom and will be dispatched to the London warehouse of Green Global Earth (GGE) following a standard customs inspection. This shipment is part of more than CAD1.2 million ($943,996) worth of Taat purchase orders for distribution in the United Kingdom and Ireland, markets in which GGE is the exclusive Taat distributor.

    On Aug. 20, 2021, Taat Global Alternatives announced that Public Health England had issued a Confirmation of Registration authorizing Taat to be sold in Great Britain. The company expects Taat to benefit from several competitive advantages in the United Kingdom, including a lower price point than tobacco cigarettes and the “shelf appeal” of Taat’s colorful packaging in comparison to the plain packaging required by law for all tobacco products. Because Taat does not contain tobacco, it is not subject to the U.K. generic packaging requirements.

    Furthermore, based on Philip Morris International’s stated intention to stop selling tobacco cigarettes in the United Kingdom by 2030, Taat will not be competing with bestsellers such as Marlboro in the future.

    “Less than one year after the first retail launch of Taat in Ohio, we could not be more enthusiastic about our first international expansion materializing shortly after we cleared the 1,000-store threshold in the United States last week,” said Taat CEO Setti Coscarella in a statement. “GGE has proven to be an invaluable distribution partner for us in navigating the steps required to bring Taat into the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    “In addition to our advantages with respect to price and packaging in the United Kingdom, we also believe Taat Menthol can be extremely appealing to smokers of legal age in the U.K. who preferred mentholated tobacco cigarettes before they were banned nationwide last year. All three varieties of Taat will soon be hitting store shelves in both the United Kingdom and Ireland in what we believe will be among the first of many launches in new global markets.”