• April 18, 2024

BMJ Completes New Headquarters

 BMJ Completes New Headquarters
Photo: BMJ

BMJ has completed construction of its new headquarters.

Located at the BMJ complex near Jakarta, the building has been positioned to optimize the footprint of the specialty paper and packaging materials supplier. Equipped with the latest security technologies, the facility features comfortable rooms to accommodate visitors.

The building has been designed to minimize its environmental impact. Through the use of extensive greenery and a pool, BMJ has reduced its dependence on artificial climate control methods—a considerable advantage in a hot and humid country like Indonesia. A weaving structure surrounding the building’s facade and roof limits heat gain. Designed by computer and handcrafted by rattan master weavers, the structure offers shade during the day and architecturally pleasing shapes at night.

In designing its new headquarters, BMJ has emphasized utility, effectiveness and efficiency. For example, roster walls promote airflow while exposed ceilings facilitate maintenance. Consistent with BMJ’s philosophy of collaboration, the new facility features open workspaces with minimal partitions.

BMJ says its new headquarters, which were developed during the pandemic, reflect the company’s resilience and innovative spirit. “We believe our new headquarters symbolize every ‘eureka!’ moment we had in the past and will become inspirations for our ‘eureka!’ moments in the future,” the company wrote in a statement, referring to its “Eureka Everyday!” corporate slogan.