• March 2, 2024

British Army to End Smoking by 2022

 British Army to End Smoking by 2022
Photo: niyazz

The British Army will no longer allow smoking from 2022.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has directed the Defense Smoke-Free Working Environment policy to help smokers give up smoking and prevent nonsmokers from taking up the habit. Vaping will still be allowed in designated areas.

The policy will support the British government’s aim to reduce U.K. adult smoking from 15.5 percent to 12 percent.

The policy will prohibit “the use of all tobacco products (including combustible and chewing tobacco products) within the perimeter of a Defense site and/or near to site entrances [with the exception of single living accommodations]. The policy is Whole Force and includes anyone on-site (including contractors, visitors and other non-MOD personnel) all hours and all days.”