EU Asked to Scrutinize Lithuania’s Flavor Ban

    Photo: sharafmaksumov

    The Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) has called on the European Commission to scrutinize Lithuania’s plan to ban all vapor flavors except tobacco.

    Lithuanian lawmakers want to amend the country’s tobacco control laws to reduce the attractiveness and demand for e-cigarettes. The legislators say they are worried about the growing popularity of vaping, especially among young consumers.

    The IEVA is particularly concerned by Article 1 of the draft law, which calls for a ban on sales of e-cigarettes and refill containers filled with liquids (both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free) containing flavors other than tobacco.

    The IEVA believes the proposed legislation is disproportionate to the objective. In a press note, the group said that, in drafting policies, EU member states should choose the means that least restrict the movement of goods. It noted that Lithuania already has a licensing law that regulates the market and prevents underage consumers from buying vapor products.

    The IEVA predicted that the law would eliminate more than 10,000 jobs and reduce tax revenues. It also warned that the ban would boost illicit sales.

    The IEVA’s full submission to the European Commission is available here.