Poda Delivers 500,000 Pods

Image: Poda Holdings

Poda Holdings has delivered 500,000 Beyond Burn Poda Pods.

The customer is expected to now begin preparations for launching the products into the Asian and European marketplaces.

“This delivery marks the beginning of large-scale sales of Poda’s products,” said Ryan Selby, Poda’s CEO, in a statement. “Our pilot production facility continues to produce nearly 400,000 Poda Pods per month, and this production will be used to support continued sales growth to strategic customers in markets around the world.

“Our goal is to continue priming key markets so that we will be able to sell the entirety of our anticipated 10 million monthly production capacity as soon as the production facility is brought online. I look forward to an exciting 2022 as we, through our strategic subsidiaries, continue to grow our production capacities and sales volumes and expand our operations into markets around the globe.”