• May 20, 2024

Voopoo Launches Drag Nano2

 Voopoo Launches Drag Nano2
Photo: Voopoo

Voopoo has launched its new Drag Nano2 internationally.

The product features a striking design and multiple advanced technologies, such as three gears of output and top e-juice filling.

“The Drag Nano 2 is not only the flagship product of Voopoo in the pod category but is also the strategic product of the company for this year, with a leap forward in performance from previous similar products,” said Voopoo CEO Everest, who goes by only one English name, in a statement.

Infinite airflow and adjustable power technologies were originally exclusive to mod products, but after multiple trials Voopoo researchers have successfully applied it to the Nano 2.

Founded in 2017, Voopoo has rapidly grown and is now selling worldwide. Integrating R&D, design, production and brand operations, the company has four flagship products: Drag, Vinci, Argus and V Series.