• December 6, 2023

Brazil: Tobacco Harvest ‘Inaugurated’

 Brazil: Tobacco Harvest ‘Inaugurated’
SindiTabaco President Iro Schunke honors tobacco growers during a ceremony in Rio Grande do Sul celebrating the sector's contributions. (Photo: SindiTabaco)

Brazil leaf tobacco sector “inaugurated” the tobacco harvest on Oct. 28 in the Faxinal de Dentro district of Rio Grande do Sul. Promoted by the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, the festivity is an official event of the state government and relies on support from the Interstate Tobacco Industry Union (SindiTabaco), Tobacco Growers’ Association of Brazil (Afubra) and the municipal administration of Vale do Sol.

Speaking during the ceremony, SindiTabaco President Iro Schunke said the inauguration of the harvest, held on Tobacco Growers’ Day, is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge tobacco farmers’ social and economic contributions.

“Approximately 10 percent of all Rio Grande do Sul exports last year consisted of tobacco shipments,” he said in a statement. “Several mayors report that, after the arrival of tobacco in their municipalities, things changed for the better, seeing that there was an increase in tax collection for the benefit of all citizens.”