• May 29, 2024

Vapor Tax Resurfaces in Build Back Better Act

 Vapor Tax Resurfaces in Build Back Better Act
Photo: DedMityay

U.S. Lawmakers have reintroduced a tax on vapor products into the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Act, reports the Winston-Salem Journal. Earlier a series of controversial tobacco hikes had been removed from the legislation.

The latest version of the bill calls of $50.33 per 1,810 milligrams of nicotine for “any nicotine product that has been extracted, concentrated or synthesized.” The previously proposed vapor tax was $100.66 per 1,810 mg.

Vapor industry representatives were unimpressed. “American voters are already livid with paying high prices at the pump and the grocery store,” Amanda Wheeler, president of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association, was quoted as saying by the Winston-Salem Journal.

“It’s a certainty they will be outraged with a gigantic tax on a product that millions use to quit cigarettes.”