• April 23, 2024

Japan Shrinks Tobacco Cultivation Area

 Japan Shrinks Tobacco Cultivation Area
Photo: Teresa Design Room

The Leaf Tobacco Deliberative Council, chaired by Yoshitsugu Minagawa, released its report on the consultation for domestic tobacco cultivation area and purchase prices for 2022 in response to a proposal submitted by Japan Tobacco.

The domestic tobacco cultivation area will be set at 3,889 hectares in 2022, a 34 percent decrease compared to the previous year, according to a JT press note. The leaf tobacco purchase price will remain the same at an average of ¥1,924.15 ($16.90) per kilogram for all leaf types.

The total area of tobacco cultivation will decrease to 1,822 ha as a result of 1,729 Japanese leaf tobacco growers indicating intentions to cease tobacco cultivation. The decision follows the release dated July 29, 2021, stating that the council agreed to JT’s proposal to decrease total Japanese cultivation area.

The Leaf Tobacco Deliberative Council confers on matters concerning the cultivation and purchase of domestically grown leaf tobacco in response to inquiries by JT representatives. The council consists of no more than 11 members, appointed by JT with the approval of the Minister of Finance from among representatives of domestic leaf tobacco growers and academic appointees.