Innokin Launches the MVP Pod

    Photo: Innokin

    Innokin is launching the MVP Pod with its largest marketing campaign to date.

    The MVP Pod is a streamlined device, exemplifying a “back to basics” philosophy that has become popular among new vapers over the past year. A compact form factor, premium zinc alloy construction and finely tuned airflow come together to deliver an alternative to combustible tobacco.

    The MVP Pod is supported by the “Why Smoke?” campaign. Beginning this November, Innokin is placing advertisements on 500 iconic London buses, mobile billboards and projections across prominent buildings in the capital.

    “We have always strived to provide alternatives for smokers which are accessible, reliable and effective. The MVP Pod embodies this mission. We want to reach smokers in a direct and personal way. We feel that asking the question ‘Why Smoke?’ is the perfect way to do this, especially in the U.K., which is actively seeking to become smoke-free by 2030,” said George Xia, Innokin co-founder, in a statement.