Spain to Update 2006 Tobacco Law

    The health ministry in Madrid (Photo: Photo: Stoyan Haytov)

    Spain’s ministry of health has finalized a draft of new tobacco regulations that call for plain packaging, a higher prices and restrictions on the sales and distribution of e-cigarettes, reports Euro Weekly. The proposal also includes smoking bans in certain private spaces, such as personal motor vehicles.

    Spain’s current anti-smoking legislation dates from 2006 and makes no provisions for newer nicotine products such as e-cigarettes.

    The government is concerned that e-cigarettes could “encourage experimentation in young people and non-smokers”, who may be lured by the “colors of the vaporizers or the flavors used.” The ministry of health noted that many websites selling vapor products had insufficient age-verification measures in place.

    Spain’s proposed regulations dovetail with the EU’s goal to create a tobacco-free generation and the World’ Health Organization’s ambition to achieve a relative reduction in tobacco consumption of 30 percent by 2025.

    The draft regulations are now with Spain’s scientific and medical societies for comment.