• April 21, 2024

Riot Labs Launches Carbon-Negative Disposable Vaporizer

 Riot Labs Launches Carbon-Negative Disposable Vaporizer
Image: Riot Labs

E-liquids producer Riot Labs claims to have launched the world’s first carbon negative disposable vaporizer, QBAR.

Available in U.K. stores and online from Jan. 11, the compact device is Riot Lab’s first disposable product. The product will be available in several U.K.-manufactured flavors and three nicotine strengths. Each device offers 550 puffs—equivalent of 30 cigarettes—before requiring disposal.

“The launch of QBAR, our first venture into disposables, and our new brand campaign, is all geared up to changing the status quo on smoking cessation, and continue to deliver on our mission to help people quit smoking,” said Ben Johnson, who founded Riot Labs in 2016.

QBAR is made from three elements that are all 100 percent recyclable. The outer casing is made from PLA plastic cornstarch, which is decomposable, but will be recycled into clothing, vinyl records and material for 3D printing. The 420 MAH A battery will be being reused in future devices and other electronic devices. The mouthpiece, which contains the liquid, will be incinerated power going into the national grid

Riot Labs is also launching a Riot Recycle program to make it simple for stores and customers to recycle their devices, of. Consumers can drop their QBARs off at Riot Recycling Bins in specialist stores for dismantling and recycling.

 Ambitiously aiming for Zero Waste, Riot Labs also plans to work with stores to track how much waste each has saved so they can continue to optimize and find ways to achieve further reductions.

“From day one, it’s been our mission to help people quit smoking for good, through creating products that are better for people, and better for the planet,” said Johnson.

 “Everywhere you look, companies are making efforts to be greener but that isn’t happening fast enough in the vape sector. We’re proud to lead the way with the first carbon negative disposable device—with its unique benefits we believe it will make a big impact on people’s smoking cessation journeys.”