• April 24, 2024

Thai Minister Commits to Legalize Vaping

 Thai Minister Commits to Legalize Vaping
Photo: kikujungboy

Thailand’s digital economy and society minister, Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn on Jan. 14 he would continue efforts to legalize e-cigarettes, according to the Bangkok Post.

Thanakamanusorn believes vapor products are safer than combustible cigarettes. He said legalization of e-cigarettes would enable the country to tax sales and would provide people who found themselves unable to quit smoking with a safer option. 

The minister intends to create a working group to study legalization and invite people to sign in support of a request next month that the Constitutional Court rule if the ban on imports of e-cigarettes violates people’s rights, especially the right to have access to less dangerous products. 

The minister insisted he had no vested interest in legalizing vaping. Tobacco harm reduction advocates have been pushing for legalization in Thailand.