• April 24, 2024

New Habanos Website

 New Habanos Website
Photo: Tobacco Reporter archive

Corporacion Habano has redesigned its website with the input from distributors and cigar aficionados. The new website allows users to easily find information about brands, events and new developments. The site’s popular authenticity check function has been improved.

The site also features a section that allows aficionados to easily locate places where Habanos cigars can be purchased or smoked.

“Habanos has opted for a much more visual style, faithful to its elegant and exquisite essence, trying the Habanos aficionados to find everything they need and enjoy browsing and learning more about the rich culture surrounding this exclusive product,” said Habanos Deputy Director of Operational Marketing Alex Fernandez Blanco Barrero.

A global leader in the commercialization of premium cigars, Corporacion Habano has an exclusive distribution network spread over five continents and more than 150 countries.