• April 21, 2024

New Technology to Help Reduce Dependency

 New Technology to Help Reduce Dependency
Photo: pavelkant

VapeAway has developed a technology designed to help reduce vaping dependency. According to the company, the VapeAway filter attaches to an existing e-cigarette pod, automatically working to remove toxins found in e-cigarettes with minimal impact on the quality of the vaping experience.

The patented VapeAway filter is said to stop nicotine before it enters the body by gradually reducing nicotine intake in levels, beginning at 25 percent and increasing to a 75 percent reduction over the course of nine weeks, thus reprogramming the brain to decrease cravings and reduce dependency.

“Every e-cigarette, regardless of its type, flavor or contents, contains dangerous chemical toxins,” says Ike Sutton, the founder of VapeAway. “VapeAway offers the first patented filter that removes those toxins. Until now, those who were dependent on nicotine have been directed to nicotine patches or gum as their recovery solution, both of which use nicotine to satisfy cravings and with that comes a laundry list of warnings and side effects.

“VapeAway’s patented technology does the opposite and does not administer a drug to help people quit a drug. Our filters stop the nicotine directly at the source and reduce the intake of harmful chemicals while users continue to vape, all the while ultimately helping people quit in the long term if they choose to do so.”

VapeAway says its Vapor Freeze 2.0 technology consists of a proprietary blend of military grade, nontoxic fibers that freeze potentially harmful toxic chemicals on contact, protecting vapers and others around them from unwanted chemicals and toxins entering their lungs.

The technology has been tested to ensure it meets VapeAway’s stated use cases and it effectively and consistently performs to achieve the stated impact for its users. Preliminary tests were conducted by Enthalpy Laboratories.

According to SGS North America, the VapeAway filter is 100 percent nontoxic.