• June 19, 2024

Gene Tree Recognized for Vaping Technology

 Gene Tree Recognized for Vaping Technology

ICCPP’s Gene Tree nano-microcrystalline ceramic vaporizer core won China CE Magazine’s Pioneer Technology Award 2021.

Launched in September 2021, Gene Tree is the first “0 powder definition” ceramic core in the vapor industry. The manufacturing process is designed to eliminate dust and thus avoids the harm caused by powder falling of ordinary ceramic cores.

The high-void porous structure of the Gene Tree core, combined with the application of food-grade lipophilic rare earth oxide, gives it excellent e-juice “guiding and locking” ability. It not only enhances stability and prolongs the product’s lifespan, but also prevents leakage, dry burns and explosions while optimizing flavor.

According to ICCPP, the product’s self-developed heating slurry is more consistent with the thermodynamic properties of porous ceramics, greatly reducing the phenomenon of core slurry. Even after 4,000 tests of dry burning at 2.5 watts, the heating film and resistance value remained intact. The service life of dry burning at 6 watts is up to five times that of other products.

China CE Magazine is an influential publication in China’s electronic consumer goods industry.