• May 23, 2024

Blinc Secures Patent for Branding Technology

 Blinc Secures Patent for Branding Technology
Photo: The Blinc Group

The Blinc Group has secured a patent for its RingSystem hardware branding and labeling technology.

“Cannabis businesses have been struggling to maintain the proper amount of inventory in the vape space while also keeping their customers informed of what’s in their product,” said Sasha Aksenov, co-founder and chief innovation officer of The Blinc Group, in a statement.

“Companies shell out thousands of dollars for packaging and fill their cartridges with a specific cultivar to shortly find out that it’s not selling as expected. They are left with huge losses in branded hardware, but our Ring System allows the brands and licensed producers to label their products on demand during production, and, if they have to—pivot and relabel for pennies, not dollars.”

The Ring System consists of two bands one at the base of the mouthpiece or “top” and the other at the base of the cartridge—Top Ring and Base Ring. Before capping a compatible cartridge or disposable, operators can snap the Top Ring onto the mouthpiece of the cartridge with the strain name. The ring is also easily removed if the strain is not being sold or brands decide to pivot on the formulation or experience.

“At the Blinc Group we strive every day to promote innovation, quality, safety, and integrity in every one of our products, the Ring System is no different. It is imperative that the entire industry take those goals to heart,” said Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, co-founder & CEO of The Blinc Group. “Consumers need to know what’s in their cartridges at all times and for this industry to thrive companies need to be able to increase their productivity and flexibility, without spending huge amounts of working capital on an unsold inventory. There are enough hurdles in the cannabis space, what’s in your vape cartridge shouldn’t be one of them.”