• June 24, 2024

1Account to Accelerate Online Age Verification

 1Account to Accelerate Online Age Verification

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1account, providers of age verification solutions for the vaping sector, has launched 1click sign-up for consumers buying vape products online, to enable faster transaction times and higher customer conversions than ever experienced before, according to a company press release.

With 1click sign-up, any consumer previously verified on a website where 1account’s tech is present, can click a button and have their data attributes pulled into a vape retailer’s website registration form. Because their details are pre-validated – and there is no need for interaction from the consumer – there is zero user input error.

Research by the Baymard Institute estimates that sales conversions can increase by more than 35 percent if a vendor is implementing the right checkout optimization strategies. Its research also shows that average cart abandonment is just under 70 percent, with more than a third (34 percent) abandoning a transaction due to having to register an account online.

1account currently provides age verification services to 40 percent of the top vape retailers in the UK, including  E-Cigarette Direct, Royal Flush Vape, Vapourcore, Vape Superstore, VPZ, E–Liquids UK, Not Blowing Smoke, Vape UK and E-liquids.com, according to the release.

“People have always had a level of expectation when it comes to customer service,” Ben Keirle, 1account’s CEO, said. “Traditionally, in physical real-world settings, the benchmark has been factors such as pricing, quality and how they are treated by the vendor.

“Today’s customers, however, demand much more from their online experiences and won’t think twice about ending an interaction mid-transaction if it’s not to their liking.”

There are around three million vapers in the UK, 60 percent of whom are buying their products online. Hyperfast age and identity verification is not only crucial to the industry’s reputation as being a responsible one, but to the online customer experience and the bottom line, according to the release.

When consumers are first verified by 1account they have to provide their name, date of birth, email and phone number which are then checked against an extensive range of national data sources. These consumers, when subsequently registering on vape retailer sites with 1account’s technology, then simply need to use the 1click sign-up function to pull in all their previously verified details.

Consumers using 1account’s digital ID app, which verifies their identity by checking typical identity documents, can also take advantage of 1click sign-up. As with those who have been age verified previously by 1account, the company’s system will simply call up their data which was used as part of creating a digital ID.

1account aims to have an estimated 3 million verified consumers on its system by the end of 2022.