• June 24, 2024

Egypt Legalizes E-Cigs

 Egypt Legalizes E-Cigs

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Photo: Dzmitry

The vapor industry has welcomed Egypt’s decision to allow the import and commercialization of e-cigarette product.

“The lifting of the ban highlights the Egyptian authorities’ progressive approach to e-cigarettes and sets the stage for the creation of a regulated market rich with business opportunities, through serving the demand for easily accessible, quality products by legal age (adult) consumers across the country,” wrote RELX International, a leading player in the segment, in a statement dated April 24.

With its recent decision, Egypt joins global and regional markets, such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which have legalized and commercialized the consumption of e-cigarettes. As regulators around the world become more accepting of e-cigarettes, the market is expected to continue its steady growth in the coming years.

As of March 2022 global e-cigarette market revenues were $22.95 billion, and the market is expected to expand annually at a compound annual growth rate of 4.19 percent until 2027, according to Statista.

“The decision by Egyptian authorities reflects its commitment to support legal businesses in the country while cracking down on the illicit trade of those products, in line with what we are seeing in an increasing number of markets around the globe,” said Robert Naouss, REXL International’s external affairs director for the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe

“The business and investment environment in the country will significantly benefit from this decision, as will adult consumers who can now conveniently, and legally, purchase better alternatives to combustible cigarettes. We look forward to working with our partners to grow and protect their income via our portfolio of quality products”

By lifting the ban on e-cigarette products, Egyptian authorities have opened the door to a plethora of business and investment options, according to RELX International. “Authorized e-cigarette products are traditionally retailed by small- and medium-sized businesses, so the move will bolster existing businesses that sell such products, and will attract entrepreneurs wishing to set up new retail points across the country. It will likewise draw investment into the country from e-cigarette brands who wish to set up shop in the country and address the market,” the company wrote in its statement.  

“Adult consumers stand to benefit from the move, as they now have legal access to e-cigarettes whether they wish to switch to a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. Several health authorities and regulators including the U.K.’s NHS and the Ministry of Health of New Zealand have positively clarified their position on vaping as a way for people to move away from smoking combustible cigarettes.

“In addition, the decision will contribute to the country’s economic recovery post-pandemic via the collection of tax revenues from legally imported products. Simultaneously, it will allow Egyptian authorities to clamp down on tax evasion issues associated with illegal market players. In a similar vein, the move and balanced regulation of the market offers authorities and e-cigarette vendors a path to stem the spread of inferior and dangerous black-market products that do not meet the standards and regulations outlined by Egyptian and international authorities. In doing so, adult consumers can rest assured the products they do find on sale are indeed a reliable alternative to traditional cigarettes.”