• June 21, 2024

Zovoo Launches Dragbar 600S with More Balanced Taste

 Zovoo Launches Dragbar 600S with More Balanced Taste
Photo: Tobacco Reporter Archive

Zovoo launched its disposable Dragbar 600S on May 9.

The new device features an upgraded design of five flower-shaped air inlets, which allows for a more evenly distributed airflow. This creates a more comfortable and balanced taste experience, according to Zovoo.

“Without sacrificing user experience or changing external dimensions, it optimizes the internal space structure of the atomizing rod and enlarges the battery capacity to 500 mAh for durability. This new product delivers enormous value in addition to excellent daily experience,” the company wrote in a press release.

Inheriting the high-quality characteristics and positioning of the company’s previous DRAG series products, the Dragbar 600S adopts GENE chip technology that was developed by ICCPP, the parent company of Zovoo.

GENE has an “innovative and upgraded oil lock design structure that allows users to safely operate without oil leakage,” according to the company. “In addition, the more efficient atomization ability ensures that every drop of tobacco oil is safe and fresh, and the taste experience is consistent.”

The first offerings of the Dragbar 600s includes 10 flavors, including strawberry ice, peach ice and “O.M.G.” In addition, 10 new flavors will be available at a future date.

“Quality and taste are the core to impress consumers and the soul of electronic atomizers. Zovoo always adheres to the concept of ‘user focus’ and constantly develops new disposable vapes to meet the ultimate needs of users all over the world,” the company wrote in its release.