Innokin Launches Lota Vaporizer

vapor smoke on blue background
Photo: Oleksandr | Adobe Stock

Innokin Technology has launched Lota, it’s new sub-brand of vaporizers, according to a company press release.

Innokin is partnering with Aquios Labs for the Lota. Aquios Labs is a new technology firm that enables water-based e-liquid.

Lota will initially launch with a portfolio of three water-based devices, each with their own position for specific global markets and consumer needs: the Lota Enviro, F600 and Prefilled Pod Kit, according to a company press release.

“Innokin has always believed in embracing new technology,” said George Xia, Innokin’s co-founder. “When first introduced to Aquios Labs, our product development team was impressed with the unique advantages of water-based vaping. Through this exciting partnership, Innokin is proud to launch the Lota brand, offering high-performance water-based vaping in our continued quest of tobacco harm reduction across the globe.”