• March 3, 2024

Medad Pioneers Ultrasound Water Pipe

 Medad Pioneers Ultrasound Water Pipe
Image: Studio217

Medad Technology has developed a shisha pipe that it says is less harmful to health than traditional hookah, reports The National.

Unveiled at the recent World Vape Show in Dubai, the company’s Nesta pipe delivers a nicotine hit via ultrasonic vibrations, which could cut cancer risk from inhaling toxic fumes, according to Medad Technology.

The device’s patented algorithm reportedly produces mist droplets containing nicotine that are evenly distributed as they are inhaled.

Misting is distinct from vaping as it uses ultrasound technology rather than heat. The absence of charcoal and tobacco means the product generates none of the harmful carbon emissions or toxic fumes that are usually inhaled by users of traditional hookah pipes, according to the company.

“The challenge was to develop real, alternative products that were safer than shisha and e-cigarettes, not categorized under vaping, so a completely new product,” Medad Holding CEO Mohammed Al Mazrouei was quoted as saying.

The device has been approved by the European Union Medical Agency and by the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, according to Medad Holding.  

It is under review by UAE authorities. The company is planning to also apply for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

An estimated 100 million people use shisha, or similar water pipes, on a daily basis around the world.