• May 22, 2024

Sweden: Lawmakers Reject Vape Flavor Ban

 Sweden: Lawmakers Reject Vape Flavor Ban
Photo: WDnet Studio

Sweden’s Parliament, the Riksdag, rejected a ban on sales of flavored vaping products, with 177 lawmakers voting against the proposal and 126 lawmakers voting in favor, reports Vaping360.

Introduced by the government’s Ministry of Social Affairs in late February, the new rules would have taken effect next January, and would have prohibited flavors other than tobacco in all e-liquid, including zero-nicotine vape juice.

In rejecting the proposal, lawmakers heeded the advice of the Riksdag’s social affairs committee, which had recommended adopting proposed regulations for nicotine pouches and synthetic nicotine but eliminating the flavor ban.

Seven other European countries have banned non-tobacco vape flavors. In Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary and Ukraine, flavored vape restrictions are currently in place. Lithuania’s flavor ban will take effect July 1. In the Netherlands, the flavor prohibition scheduled to begin in July has been postponed until January 2023.

No European country has banned vaping products outright.