• May 21, 2024

Cigarette Firms Shift to Biodegradable Films

 Cigarette Firms Shift to Biodegradable Films
Photo: Tobacco Reporter archive

Cigarette makers have shifted from regular plastic wrapping to biodegradable wrapping for cigarette packs, well ahead of the India’s single-use plastic ban, reports The Economic Times, citing the Tobacco Institute of India (TII).

The single-use plastic ban took effect on July 1. The biodegradable material being used is compliant with international standards and the recently released BIS standards, according to the TII.

“Biodegradation of the biodegradable plastic starts upon coming into contact with soil. This material is extremely beneficial, as it would biodegrade naturally in landfills as well. The biodegradable plastic will not add any strain to the solid waste collection and recycling system,” TII said in a statement.

TII represents cigarette makers such as ITC, Godfrey Phillips India and VST Industries.