• July 23, 2024

BAT Appoints Sustainability Officer

 BAT Appoints Sustainability Officer
Photo: BAT

BAT has appointed Mike Nightingale as its first chief sustainability officer to lead the company’s sustainability and ESG agenda.

Nightingale has been the group head of investor relations for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he held senior leadership positions in sustainability, regulation and marketing.

Additionally, to reflect BAT’s corporate intent and the increasing strategic importance of both ESG and sustainability for the group, the role of Kingsley Wheaton as chief marketing officer with responsibility for corporate affairs, will be redesignated as chief growth officer.

Beyond overseeing the marketing efforts to drive value from combustibles while ensuring a step-change in New Categories performance, Kingsley has also led the initiatives to place ESG front and center of the group’s strategy.

Nightingale will report to Kingsley in his new role as chief sustainability officer with effect from Sept. 1.

Victoria Buxton, senior investor relations manager, will be promoted to the role of group head of investor relations and will report to Finance and Transformation Director Tadeu Marroco, also with effect from Sept. 1.

“I am delighted that Mike has been appointed as our first chief sustainability officer,” said BAT CEO Jack Bowles in a statement. “Mike will lead us into a new era of sustainability ‘thought leadership.’ With his extensive experience of the business, most recently as group head of investor relations, he is uniquely suited to this challenge.

“Likewise, Victoria has an excellent track record, both as a consumer sector equity analyst and, more recently, as a senior member of Mike’s team. Her promotion is testament to her energy, commitment and drive.”