BAT Study Confirms Positive Impact From Switching to Glo

Photo: BAT

The full results from a year-long study showed that smokers switching exclusively to Glo, BAT’s flagship tobacco-heating product (THP), achieved significant and sustained improvements in several indicators of potential harm associated with early disease development compared to smokers who continued to smoke. This included lung disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Published in Internal and Emergency Medicine, the results build upon the favorable changes reported at three and six months. The improvements observed were sustained over the 12 months of the study, adding to the weight of evidence that supports Glo as a less risky alternative for adult smokers who would not otherwise quit, according to BAT.

“The results from this study are the most important data we have ever generated about Glo and for the THP category in general,” said David O’Reilly, director of scientific research at BAT, in a statement.

“This real-world study allows us to assess the changes that adult smokers switching exclusively to Glo experience by assessing early indicators of potential harm associated with disease development. It provides much needed new evidence about the size of the change and durability of the effect switching completely to Glo can have and reinforces Glo’s potential as a reduced-risk product.”