• July 12, 2024

Essentra Invests in Sheet-Fed Applications

 Essentra Invests in Sheet-Fed Applications
Photo: Essentra

Essentra Tapes has expanded its ability to serve the paper and board industry with the launch of its new SF-AS DH1 sheet fed applicator.

The tape applicator system was developed by Essentra Tapes’ in-house team of experts and facilitates efficient tape application in the sheet-fed manufacturing process.

The system can run automatic rapid stop/start performance on tape widths from 4 mm–25 mm and at compatible production line speeds. Crucially, it represents a sheet-fed solution that can rival continuous feed. The SF-AS DH1 can also be optimized for use on new and existing packaging lines and boasts a fully electronic interface as standard.

Designed and manufactured in a modern facility in Nottingham, U.K., the system is capable of running two applicator heads simultaneously, meaning RippaTape can be applied alongside release liners or double-sided tapes.

“Our vision was simple—to create a simple-to-operate, easy-to-integrate applicator, which addresses the tape application needs of sheet feed manufacturing and makes light work of creating e-commerce solutions,” said Ian Beresford, Essentra Tapes’ head of marketing and development.

“Our renewed investment into applicator technology and field engineers is the first of several important market interventions we hope to make between now and the end of the year.

“With prospective and existing customers increasingly looking to clean up operations and be more efficient, we’re confident our new sheet feed applicator can deliver a quality tape application every time.”

With modular assembly, easy integration, simple tape setup and renowned technical support and aftercare, the tape solutions provider says it is already fielding inquiries about this new plug-and-play solution.