• April 16, 2024

China: Flavored Vape Ban Takes Effect

 China: Flavored Vape Ban Takes Effect

Image: Arcady

Image: Arcady

China’s ban on flavored vapor products takes effect on Oct. 1 along with other new vaping product standards that were decided on earlier this year, reports Vaping360.

In November 2021, Chinese law was amended to bring the vapor industry under control of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA), which regulates China’s tobacco products.

Vapers are rushing to buy and hoard flavored vapor products before the ban takes effect on Saturday, according to Vaping360. It is not clear yet if the ban will create a large black market in the country; China is known to punish illicit sellers harshly.

Products meant for export will not have to meet Chinese standards unless the destination country does not have its own specific standards.

China’s new rules also require domestic e-cigarette manufacturers and traders to obtain a license before operating their business, according to The Global Times.

E-cigarettes cannot be sold to customers under 18, and the sale points cannot be near schools or kindergartens. Warning signs must also be placed at the e-cigarette sale points, and self-service sales are banned.

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of e-cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquid are required to conduct their business on specific platforms that are subject to STMA supervision.

The rules also forbid the advertising of e-cigarettes in the mass media or in public places.

The iiMedia Research Institute expects China’s e-cigarette market to be worth RMB25.52 billion ($3.57 billion) by the end of 2022 and RMB45.43 billion by the end of 2023.