• March 2, 2024

PMI Extends Swedish Match Bid Deadline

 PMI Extends Swedish Match Bid Deadline
Photo: xtock

Philip Morris Holland Holdings (PMHH) has extended the acceptance deadline of its $16 billion offer for Swedish Match to Nov. 4, 2022, as it awaits merger control approval from the European Commission.

In May, PMI offered to buy the Stockholm-based company to help accelerate its move to cigarette alternatives. Swedish Match is best known for its oral tobacco products, including snus and the Zyn tobacco-free nicotine pouches that have taken the U.S. market by storm.

The completion of the offer is conditional upon regulatory approvals. PMHH says it has already received the green light in the United States and Brazil but is still awaiting approval from the European Commission, which started its formal review on Sept. 6, 2022. PMHH decided to extend the deadline because it does not expect the Commission to complete its review until late October.

This is the second deadline extension. In early September, PMHH extended its initial Sept. 30 deadline to Oct. 11, based on its assessment of the European Commission’s progress with the review at the time.

According to PMHH, the other terms and conditions of its offer remain unchanged. “We believe our offer remains very compelling—particularly given the current market environment,” said Jacek Olczak, chief executive officer of Philip Morris International, in a statement. “We look forward to completing the transaction while also continuing to actively progress on our strategic alternatives to Swedish Match, should the offer ultimately prove unsuccessful.”