• June 19, 2024

Asia Harm Reduction Forum Set for Oct. 28

 Asia Harm Reduction Forum Set for Oct. 28

The Fifth Asia Harm Reduction Forum (AHRF 2022) will take place Oct. 28 at the Manila Hotel in the Philippines.

Under the title “Integrating Harm Reduction in Asian Policies: A Major Win for Public Health,” the forum will cover the merits of harm reduction as the most effective tool to address the smoking epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ron Sison

“This key event comes at a critical turning point, as tobacco harm reduction (THR) takes root in several Asian countries,” says AHRF 2022 Lead Convenor Ron Sison, who is also president of the Harm Reduction Alliance of the Philippines.

A hybrid event, AHRF 2022 will engage scientists, consumers, legislators and policymakers. The sessions will be streamed live on the AHRF YouTube channel and Facebook page.

“Asia is actively tackling the steps toward securing a smoke-free future,” says Peter Dator, president of Vapers PH, a consumer group. “The Philippines recently lifted its vaping ban, regulating the importation, manufacture, sale and marketing of vaping products. Malaysia and Thailand are also set to regulate, thanks to the sheer weight of scientific evidence and the hard work of THR advocates.”

“Despite more countries supporting vaping, we must remain vigilant and active in our THR discussions and advocacy,” says Asa Saligupta, director of ENDS Cigarette Smoke Thailand. “Let’s not forget the most convincing smoking cessation devices remain illegal in many parts of Asia-Pacific. We’ve got plenty of work to do, with AHRF 2022 key to this region’s future success.”