• May 26, 2024

Robust Pricing Boosts JT Results

 Robust Pricing Boosts JT Results

Masamichi Terabatake

Masamichi Terabatake (Photo: JT Group)

The JT Group reported revenue of ¥2 trillion ($13.5 billion) for the first nine months of 2022, up 13.7 percent over the comparable 2021 period.

Core revenue at constant currency exchange rates increased by 4.1 percent to ¥1.77 trillion. Adjusted operating profit at constant currency increased by 6.5 percent to ¥78.4 billion. On a reported basis, adjusted operating profit increased by 17.5 percent to ¥637.8 billion. Operating profit increased by 20.5 percent to ¥579.3 billion while profit increased by 19.2 percent to ¥403.8 billion.

“In the nine-month results, the JT Group delivered a strong performance, mainly driven by robust pricing in the tobacco business,” said JT Group President and CEO Masamichi Terabatake in a statement. “We are also encouraged by the Ploom X volume and share performance in Japan. We have launched Ploom X in the U.K. starting in London. We will accelerate Ploom X launches internationally from 2023.”

Terabatake said he had high expectations of the recently announced joint venture with Altria Group to market and commercialize heated-tobacco sticks products in the U.S. “I strongly believe that this cooperation will increase the global harm reduction possibilities for adult consumers and drive incremental value for JT and Altria,” he said.

“We have revised our 2022 full-year guidance upward, driven by business momentum as well as favorable currency movements against the Japanese yen,” said Terabatake. “Following the upward revisions of our guidance, we are pleased to share our plan to increase our annual dividend guidance by ¥38 to ¥188.”