• May 23, 2024

Ploom X Debuts in the United Kingdom

 Ploom X Debuts in the United Kingdom
Photo: JTI

Japan Tobacco International has launched its Ploom X heated-tobacco device at select locations in the United Kingdom, the company announced in a press release. This product is now available in the Greater London area, at pop-up stores in Shoreditch, online nationwide and in selected online vape stores.

According to JTI, Ploom X represents the cutting edge of the next generation of heated-tobacco products. Technological upgrades include:

  • A redesigned “HeatFlow” system and a higher heating temperature to ensure a more consistent nicotine delivery and a more enhanced flavor delivery;
  • One easy-to-use heating mode;
  • Adjustments to the airflow system enabling a more consistent vapor delivery and increased vapor volume;
  • Session times of up to 5 minutes and the ability to use more EVO tobacco sticks per charge, with up to 22 sessions with one charge; and
  • A smaller and more compact device. Users can customize the device with colorful magnetic front panels.

According to JTI, Ploom X reduces the level of nine smoke constituents by an average of 90 percent to 95 percent.

Ploom devices are designed to be used exclusively with EVO tobacco sticks, which contain a tobacco blend made from microground and fine-cut tobacco.

With 20 sticks in a pack and a recommended retail price of £4.50, EVO costs less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes in the U.K. EVO tobacco sticks are available in classic tobacco, menthol, and fruit and menthol infusions. The company also offers capsule variants that offer consumers the option to release an additional burst of flavor.

“The launch of Ploom X marks a milestone in JTI’s story and also sets a new paradigm in the heated-tobacco category,” said JTI Director of Marketing Mark McGuinness. “Ploom X is a truly innovative product that will exceed consumer expectations, making their tobacco moments even more pleasurable and truly unique.”