• May 21, 2024

LG Chem Beats Exploding Battery Lawsuit

 LG Chem Beats Exploding Battery Lawsuit
Photo: gangster9686

LG Chem has defeated a lawsuit in Ohio over an exploding e-cigarette battery after a federal judge ruled he has no jurisdiction to oversee the case, reports Law360.

Paul Straight sued the South Korean chemicals company after an e-cigarette purchased at a Vapor Station store in Ohio exploded and burned through his jeans and left thigh. He sustained second-degree and third-degree burns to his thighs and left wrist and now limps as a result of his injuries, according to his lawsuit.

LG Chem maintained it did not authorize Vapor Station to sell single batteries. Rather, they were meant to be used in battery packs for power tools and other products. The company also argued it did not make, sell or distribute the batteries in Ohio.

The judge did not buy Straight’s assertion that the company’s other business in the state was enough for the judge to exercise specific jurisdiction.

“LG Chem in fact has established that it neither earned revenue from the sale or distribution of 18650 cells in Ohio nor advertised or solicited business in Ohio with respect to 18650 cells,” Judge James L. Graham of the Southern District of Ohio wrote.

The case is Paul Straight v. LG Chem Ltd. et al., case number 2:20-cv-06551.