• April 21, 2024

Greenbutts and Boegli Partner in Filters

 Greenbutts and Boegli Partner in Filters
Image: Greenbutts

Greenbutts and Boegli Gravures have jointly developed a new technology to manufacture biodegradable filters.

Trademarked as Greenbossing, the innovation enhances and tailors existing filtration capabilities along with the sensorial experience, according to the companies.

Greenbutts’ fully patented biodegradable filters deliver the sensorial experience of traditional cigarette filters without the plastic waste.

“For decades, our company has placed itself on the cutting edge of new technological solutions in the field of macro, micro and nano embossing solutions called ‘Vividus,’ ‘Midas’ and ‘Iris,’” said Boegli Gravures CEO and chairman Charles Boegli in a statement. “We are very proud to partner with Greenbutts to join our competences and address the huge ecological needs arising in the field of filter manufacturing, to which Greenbossing will be the answer.”

“Our organization has cultivated a strong partnership with the world-renowned embossing technology company Boegli and is pleased to announce the patent filing of our joint technology,” said Luis Sanches, chief strategy officer of Greenbutts. “This new IP will revolutionize the process of Greenbutts’ filter rod manufacturing. Greenbossing is a truly innovative feature, which will strengthen our position by introducing the next generation of biodegradable filters for the tobacco industry.”

“We are very proud to have Boegli Gravures as a solid and reliable partner,” said Greenbutts CEO Tadas Lisauskas. “The embossing technology that we jointly developed is nothing short of revolutionary, and we look forward to introducing even further technological advances in the coming months. As the cigarette industry is faced with transformative changes, driven by single-use plastic legislation and stronger commitments to their environmental agendas, we will ensure that Greenbutts continues to offer industry-leading innovations to maintain our leadership status in assisting with this transition.”