• June 25, 2024

FEELM Presents Sustainable Vape

 FEELM Presents Sustainable Vape
Illustration: FEELM

Smoore’s atomization platform FEELM has introduced a new sustainable product series, called Future.  

Future  is made with recycled paper rather than plastic and its design integrates the product’s body and packaging. The device contains post-consumer recycled material and bio-based material, reducing plastic use by 60 percent and curbing carbon emissions by up to 58 percent, according to FEELM.

After use, the product can be easily disassembled. Consumers can separate internal components, such as the battery core, plastic and e-liquid tank, and recycle them separately.

“The series is our latest sustainable design concept, aiming to make it easier for consumers to dismantle and dispose of products responsibly, whilst solving the environmental problems caused by littering,” says Totom Lu, director of FEELM’s design team.

The solution was developed in part with an eye on upcoming regulation. The EU for example intends to require disposable vapes to have removable and interchangeable batteries as early as 2025, according to FEELM.

The company believes that countries should improve the collection and recycling of electronic equipment, and to make it easier for consumers to properly dispose of their vapes. In a press note, FEELM said it would welcome any initiative that could standardize the free collection of disposable vapes at the point of sale, as well as awareness initiatives to educate consumers on the importance of recycling their devices properly.