• June 25, 2024

Registration Open for Menthol Ban Seminar

 Registration Open for Menthol Ban Seminar

Courtesy: US FDA

Interested parties can now register for the Jan. 12 U.S. Food and Drug Administration seminar covering the ban of menthol flavors in tobacco products. “The Scientific Basis of Proposed Tobacco Product Standards to Prohibit Menthol as a Characterizing Flavor in Cigarettes and Flavors in Cigars” is the first FDA tobacco-related seminar of the year.

The presentation will provide an overview of the scientific evidence that informed the development of these proposed rules, with an explanation of the external peer review process the FDA utilized for review of the highly influential scientific assessments for these proposed rules.

Bridget Ambrose, director of the Division of Population Health Science in the Office of Science at the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, will be the speaker. Ambrose has over 20 years of experience in tobacco control and regulatory science, with specialized experience in longitudinal analyses of tobacco use.