Italy to Ban Indoor Vaping

    Image: metamorworks | Adobe Stock

    Italy’s health minister, Orazio Schillaci, announced new measures against tobacco to prevent smoking and achieve a “tobacco-free generation,” reports Euractiv.

    “Measures will have to be taken to guarantee all citizens maximum protection of their health, a fundamental right of the individual and an interest of the community,” said Schillaci.

    Smoking rooms indoors will be banned, and the ban on smoking in open-air places in the presence of minors and pregnant women will be extended.

    E-cigarettes and heated-tobacco products will also be included in the ban, taking into account “the constantly increasing diffusion of new products on the market and the growing evidence on their possible harmful effects on health.” Plans to extend the cigarette advertising ban to new nicotine-containing products are also in place.

    “This process aims to allow the different multiple interests related to tobacco products, involving economic ministries, not to override health protection,” Schillaci said.