• June 19, 2024

Kaival’s Fiscal 2022 Hit by Marketing Denial

 Kaival’s Fiscal 2022 Hit by Marketing Denial

Photo: Kaival Brands Innovations Group

Photo: Kaival Brands

Kaival Brands Innovations Group reported revenues of $3 million for the fourth quarter that ended Oct. 31, 2022, compared with revenues of $100,000 million for the prior fourth fiscal quarter. Revenues for the full fiscal year were approximately $12.8 million, down from $58.8 million for fiscal year 2021.

Kaival attributed the full-year decrease to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s marketing denial orders (later overturned), which temporarily prevented the company from selling its products, and to increased competition in general, which Kaival suspects resulted from lax enforcement by federal and state authorities against subpar and low-priced vaping products that continued to enter the market illegally without FDA authorization.

“Fiscal 2022 was an exceptionally challenging year for us, primarily due to regulatory action by the FDA that was ultimately overturned in August,” said Kaival Brands President and Chief Operating Officer Eric Mosser in a statement.

“For a portion of fiscal 2022, we were prohibited from selling our flavored Bidi Sticks, and our 2022 revenues reflect the significant extended impact of this. The good news is that this impediment is behind us. Moreover, despite the challenges, we accomplished several important milestones during the year, which we believe has laid the foundation for renewed growth and progress in 2023, including expanding existing sales channel relationships and initiating significant new ones. We expect and hope that the FDA will continue to pull bad actors from the marketplace, paving the way for companies like ours to provide our products to adult smokers deserving of premium e-cigarette product and experience.”