Wild Brands Launches STEP Cigs

    Image: Global Tobacco

    Wild Brands has launched STEP cigarettes, a novel nontobacco cigarette incorporating a layered tobacco-style flavor system, according to a company press release.

    STEP products will be available in full flavor and green (menthol) variants with the goal to replace unaffordable traditional cigarettes in the U.S. market.

    STEP stands for Satisfaction Taste Experience and Price.

    “Based on a proprietary formulation of active herbals and botanicals, STEP cigarettes [are] the first perfectly blended cigarette substitute to come to market that truly feels and tastes like a traditional full flavor or menthol product,” said Zain Meghani, president of Wild Brands. “We believe STEP will have enormous appeal with wholesalers, retailers and, more importantly, with adult price-conscious consumers.”

    Meghani adds, “STEP was created to be a Satisfying Tasteful Experience at a fair Price and is aimed at adult consumers seeking a substitute to overpriced regular cigarettes. Despite having no tobacco, nicotine or hemp in the blend, our early consumer feedback with the STEP full flavor and green (menthol) packs indicates we have found the right feel, taste and satisfaction that adult smokers would expect from a traditional cigarette.”

    Mike Walters, vice president of sales at Global Tobacco, the exclusive distributor of STEP, said, “This is an exciting new product for the market as it is free of all federal cigarette excise taxes, many state cigarette excise taxes as well as the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement payments and [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] tobacco user fee payments.”