• May 21, 2024

EAS Launches Caffeine Pouch

 EAS Launches Caffeine Pouch
Photo: EAS

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) has introduced Mojo Balanced Energy Pouches in the United States.

Each pouch contains 50 mg of caffeine derived from coffee beans, as well as a proprietary blend of ingredients such as ginseng root, yerba mate, B-vitamins and amino acids.

“We are thrilled to launch Mojo Balanced Energy Pouches and offer consumers a convenient alternative to traditional, overly caffeinated energy drinks and specialty coffee,” says Mike Sullivan, senior director of trade marketing operations for E-Alternative Solutions. “The Mojo product portfolio was specifically developed to capitalize on the latest trends to become a force of change within the caffeine and energy segment.”

Available in a wide range of flavors like caramel mocha, mint, orange burst, lemon lime, berry, and mango, Mojo Balanced Energy Pouches are sugar-free, zero calories.