• April 17, 2024

The Gamechanger

 The Gamechanger

Photo courtesy of Hindustan Adhesives

Photo courtesy of Hindustan Adhesives

Hindustan Adhesives says its new tear tape is 100 percent sustainable without compromising strength, flexibility and runnability.

TR Staff Report

Hindustan Adhesives, part of the fast-growing Bagla Group of companies from India, is a leading global supplier of packaging materials, such as tear tapes, carton sealing tapes and POF shrink film.

Founded and led by Managing Director Madhusudan Bagla, the company has been active for more than 30 years and has supplied its products to more than 30 countries, with a focus on innovative and environmentally friendly packaging.

Hindustan Adhesives specializes in the production of tear tapes ranging in width from 1.6 mm to 12 mm and ranging in length between 5 km and 120 km. Available in several colors and designs, these products include self-adhesive tear tapes, up to six-color printed tear tapes, carton tear tapes, heat-activated tear tapes, holographic tear tapes, sustainable tear tapes and specially engineered paper tear tapes.

Recently, Hindustan Adhesives launched a new range of sustainable tear tapes dubbed The Gamechanger.

The product was developed in response to bans on single-use plastic in India and other countries. Keen to promote sustainable manufacturing and consumption, India’s federal government in August 2021 amended the country’s Plastic Waste Management Rules from 2016, prohibiting a number of single-use plastic items with high littering potential.

The legislation took effect July 1, 2022. To comply with the new requirements and at the same time keep their customers satisfied, Indian cigarette manufacturers required a tear tape that would not only be 100 percent sustainable but would also be cost effective and have the same strength and clarity as existing tear tapes.

Madhusudan Bagla

“As single-use plastic bans come into effect globally, packaging makers are looking for new ways to eliminate plastics and incorporate more sustainable elements into their designs,” said Bagla. “At Bagla Group, we have also been identifying new ways to help our customers design sustainable packaging solutions while maintaining the performance of traditionally plastic-based tear tapes.”

Replacing a 30-year-old widely used product is a tall order, however, and required changing the mindset of customers who had become accustomed to the strength, flexibility and smooth runnability of the established tear tapes. Compared with their plastic counterparts, many existing sustainable tear tapes had limitations in those areas.

Bagla was determined to overcome those limitations. After numerous trials, changes in recipes and processes, his company developed a product that was not only sustainable but also had qualities similar to those of the MOPP 26-micron tear tapes. Thus, The Gamechanger was introduced in India.

“They thought we couldn’t do it, but we surprised our customers and competitors alike,” said Bagla, who went on to express his appreciation for the tobacco companies’ support, guidance and feedback “without which this product would not be possible.”

The base film is derived from renewable resources and is compostable according to DIN EN 13432:2000-12, DIN EN 14995:2007-03 and ASTM D6400:2012-01 as well as D6868 and ISO 17088: 2008, among other certifications. It is also formulated to comply with EU legislation for most food contact applications.

Hindustan Adhesives started developing The Gamechanger in 2021 and commenced trials on customer machines in January 2022. During the development process, the company overcame several challenges. One was the lead time of the base material. The disruption to international transportation due to Covid-19 and other factors caused shortages. Through clever planning and strategizing, Hindustan Adhesives managed to prevent disruptions to its customers.

Another challenge was the process. The sustainable tape has different requirements than standard MOPP tape in terms of adhesives, which requires some equipment and operator adjustments. This is where Hindustan Adhesives’ experienced R&D and quality control teams came in. The marketing team, in turn, was instrumental in distributing the product for sampling, testing and visual inspection.

“Our team went to each and every customer’s factory and ensured smooth running by giving various tips and tricks,” said Bagla. “I am immensely proud of our team and thank them for all their efforts, right from purchasing raw materials to making the product and selling it.”

After identifying all opportunities for improvement and optimizing the product, Hindustan Adhesives released its product in India. The Gamechanger quickly captured 100 percent of India’s sustainable tear tapes market, with Hindustan Adhesives selling the product to all cigarette manufacturers in the country, according to Bagla. Since the single-use plastic ban took effect, the company’s overall tear tape sales have increased by 60 percent.

But Hindustan Adhesives’ commitment to sustainability does not end after the product has been manufactured; it also includes getting certifications from national and international bodies. Over the past 15 months, the company has earned certifications from the Central Pollution Control Board of India and the Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering and Technology in India.

Following its success in India, Hindustan Adhesives is already looking at opportunities abroad. “We have captured the domestic market through our efforts in innovation and development,” said Bagla. “We would now like to introduce this product globally so as to do our bit for the global environment.”

As part of its efforts to promote its sustainable tear tape internationally, Hindustan Adhesives will be participating in TabExpo Bologna, May 10–11. Encouraged by the product’s success in India, Bagla is confident that international customers, too, will soon understand why the company’s new tear tape is called The Gamechanger.